About us

What is Sesortea and who is behind all of this?

Sesortea is a platform that connects owners that want to raffle their homes with people that would like to win a house for 5€. It’s this simple!

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Another alternative to owning a home

Our mission is for any person to have an additional way of owning a house. In order to achieve that, we simplify the process, setting in motion on behalf of the owners the legal and technical procedures required to organize a raffle that will give the opportunity to the participants of owning a house, net of the main taxes, for only 5€.

Sesortea is composed of a team of people ready to help you at any time

Behind Sesortea there is a plural and dynamic team, totally dedicated to our users. We work hard every day to provide quality service, in line with the expectations of our users. Each hour of work is focused towards one single objective: a house for only 5€, without hassles, a raffle that will change your life.

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