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Raffle your house

Are you the owner of a house and you want to raffle it? At Sesortea we offer you everything you need to do it.
Raffling your house is a genius alternative to selling it as you could get 30% more than the house valuation and without having to worry about anything.

You only need to be the owner of a house that is located in Spain

On your behalf, Sesortea will apply for a licence and will set in motion the mechanisms required to generate and promote the house raffle. The most important thing is that we only make money if you do.

Sesortea is the only online platform for house raffles in Spain that takes on board all the required procedures from beginning to end.

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The house Raffle

Raffling your house is very easy, it only takes 4 simple steps!


Contact us
Contact us using our form.

We will call you to know more about you and your house.

We will study the feasibility of your house raffle for free.
The Raffle
If your house raffle is feasible, Sesortea will manage everything.
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Sesortea is the first IT platform that allows you to raffle your house. Who is it designed for?

  • Property owners that are looking for an alternative way of selling their house.
  • NGOs; raffling a house is an alternative fundraising initiative, it will help you spread your message and support projects.
  • Real estate developers and construction companies.

You will have the support of a dedicated team during the entire process

  • check v A house raffle brings a huge visibility that could help you promote your products and services.
  • check v We thoroughly study every house raffle to make sure they will be a success.
  • check v We are solely focused on real estate properties.
  • check v We are a Spanish startup and the first online platform that provides all the necessary services to raffle your house.
  • check v Our mission is to make sure that anyone can win a house for €5 and to provide a creative alternative to owners that are interested in selling their properties.
  • check v This way, we intend to shake the real estate market by aligning the interest of owners and the people that are looking for a house.
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Start now, raffle your house

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